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Wedding Videography FAQ's

Where are you based? Do you travel?

Ben & I are based in Toodyay in the Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia. We often travel all around the wheatbelt and Perth. We also offer destination wedding packages for Broome, all other regions of Australia and overseas.

How do we approach your wedding day?

Ben & I like to keep things natural and relaxed so we can capture real moments as they happen. We may give you a little direction a few times throughout the day but for the most part we will work around your photographer, hang back and do our thing! We prefer to be discreet and unobtrusive so most of the time you won't even notice we're there! We like to ask the photographer for 10 minutes with the two of you during the photoshoot so we can get those epic cinematic shots we need but will generally let them direct you for the remainder of the day.

What do we receive after the wedding?

After your wedding (usually 8-12 weeks) we will send you out a USB with two to three video files (depending on your package). Your 5-10 minute cinematic highlights film, the full ceremony and the speeches in full.

What is a cinematic highlights?

During the day Ben and I shoot many hundreds of short 5-10 second clips from different angles, using different movement and techniques. These clips include all the little details - your dress, shoes, flowers & decorations, as well as all those important moments like your groom seeing you for the first time, laughing with your bridesmaids, dancing with your father and many many more. We also use things such as slow motion, time lapses and landscape aerial footage. When all these clips are cut together to a music track this gives you a beautiful, exciting film that's like your own mini motion picture!

What music will you use?

Due to copyright laws we are unable to use commercial songs in your highlights film. Luckily we have some incredible libraries with hundreds of independent artists and styles. Ben and I spend many hours choosing a song that suits your wedding theme and taste. And we haven't had a complaint about our music choice yet!!

How will the ceremony and speeches be edited?

The ceremony and speeches are filmed and edited in a documentary style. What this means is they are shot with two to three camera angles in their entirety and edited with the original audio to give you a real life / real time video of these events.

Do you provide raw footage?

No, unfortunately we don't for many reasons. The main one being the style we shoot is for your highlights film, this means we shoot everything (with the exception of the ceremony and speeches) in short 5-10 second clips from different angles so when they are cut together they make an amazing highlights film. With the high quality and size of these files as well as our shooting style, it would not be possible to have a camera rolling for the entire day. Additionally, when we record our footage it is in a flat colour. This is so that we can add our own touch in the edit when we colour correct and add our signature look to your film. This is a huge part of our craft and raw footage is only a small part of the end product. Good news though.. you get your full ceremony and speeches AS WELL as the cinematic highlights so all the parts of your day are covered in one of the three videos.

Will you use audio snippets from the ceremony and speeches in our highlights film?

Not always. Ben and I will occasionally use snippets if they enhance the film. But usually during the ceremony and speeches, peoples nerves tend to take over and they don't always express themselves in the most natural way. We encourage all our couples to write each other a short letter that we can film you reading during your prep, this is a beautiful, emotional moment that we love to use in our films.

Will you be using your drone during our wedding?

Drones are noisy, distracting and obtrusive - the opposite to our style! So we don't use one during your wedding ceremony or through the day. We do however, use our drone to get some incredible shots of the landscape, venue and surrounding area where you are getting married. We will get these aerial shots prior to the ceremony or reception as long as there are no local restrictions in place, the weather is safe to fly and as time permits.

How do you work with photographers?

There's always been a bit of a conception that photographers and videographers don't get along. And while that may be true in some cases, Ben and I pride ourselves on being able to work with all your other vendors. Particularly your photographer as we work so closely with them all day. We are both very easy going people and just like our shooting style we remain as authentic as possible so will hang back, let your photographer do their thing and work around them. I usually send them an email a few weeks prior to the wedding to introduce ourselves and let them know a little about us and how we work. We want your wedding day to be as incredible as it can be so by working well and having good communication with all your other vendors this makes everything run much more smoothly.

Why should we hire you?

Hopefully at this point you've watched a few of our highlights films. If not head over to our Facebook or Films page on our website. Ben & I have a unique style which combines cinematic angles and movements, lighting, time lapses, aerial footage, slow motion and layered editing. We always work as a team so you're getting two of us for the same price you'd normally pay for a single shooter. We work hard! We spend hours planning and preparing for your day and many, many more editing your film to make it the best it can be. We appreciate how quickly your wedding day passes you by and how many little details and moments are forgotten so we make sure we capture these moments so every time you watch your film it's like re-living your wedding day all over!

*photo by @angieroephotography

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