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9 Tips to Help Make Your Wedding Video Even MORE Amazing

You're probably thinking.. "You're the videographer, thats your job!"

And yes, you are 100% right! As videographers it is ultimately our responsibility to do everything we possibly can to capture your wedding day in an authentic and natural way and create something beautiful and memorable for you. And we will ALWAYS do this BUT... did you know there are a couple of things you can do that can make our footage look even more incredible?


Light can be a photographer and videographers best friend (or worst nightmare!)

Natural light (when utilised properly) is beautiful and soft and amazingly flattering. As opposed to indoor tungsten or fluorescent lighting which can be harsh and create strange skin tones and flickering in the footage.

What can you do?

When choosing a spot for getting ready, try and choose a room with lots of natural light and windows (or even a verandah or outdoor shaded area). When we arrive at your prep location we may ask to turn of any lamps or indoor lights where possible or ask you to move closer to a window while getting your hair and makeup done.


Along the same lines.. try and plan your schedule around the light. Often known as "golden hour" or "magic hour", the best time of the day for photos and video is around

one hour before sunset.

This time will vary depending on when you get married. If you get married in summer, the sunset will be later. Consider enjoying your pre-dinner drinks and canapés with your guests and then sneak out for a few sunset pics once they are seated (they won't even notice you're gone!) In winter the sun sets earlier so try for an earlier ceremony so you have enough time for your photoshoot before the light disappears.


Again.. timing is key when it comes to the smooth running of a wedding day. We suggest to our brides to allow at least an hour (depending on travel time) between being ready (at least hair and makeup) and the ceremony. There are so many little things that are happening in the morning. Between hair and makeup, bridesmaids and parents, flowers, jewellery, shoes and dresses, a couple of small delays can compound and mean you're rushing out the door and feeling stressed trying to make it to the ceremony on time.

What can you do?

Talk to your photographer, makeup artist, hair dresser and videographer to figure out a timeline and try and be ready a little earlier. As your videographers we need to BE at the ceremony 45 mins prior to your arrival to make sure we have all our audio gear and multiple camera angles set up. So to get those beautiful shots of you getting in your dress, putting on your jewellery, your mum and bridesmaids fussing over you and your dad seeing you in your dress for the first time - you may need to consider being ready a little earlier to make sure we capture these moments for you!


There is a bit of a feeling in the industry that photographers and videographers don't get along and are always competing for their own shot. While this can happen, Ben & I pride ourselves on working well with all your other vendors on your wedding day, especially your photographer since we work alongside them for most of the day. Because it is YOUR day and we want to make sure we all help make it as memorable and stress free as possible! Having said that there are a couple of things you can do to help your photography and videography teams.

Although I always make it a point to reach out to your photographer before the wedding, it's always a good idea for YOU to let them know you'll be having a video team there too.Another great tip is to let your photographer know that we'll need a little time alone with you during the photoshoot - and allow for this in your timing. Our style is very relaxed and natural so Ben & I work around the photographer for the majority of the day and for the most part let them run the show, however we do ask for about 10 minutes with just you both to get those gorgeous, cinematic shots.

5) Consider having a FIRST LOOK

Although it's non-traditional for the groom to see the bride before the

ceremony, it not only makes for an AMAZING addition to your video but is a great way to calm your nerves too! And it's so special being able to share in such an intimate moment together just the two (oh and the cameras but trust me you won't even know we're there hehe). It also gives you a bit of extra time for photos & video earlier, which means you can relax and enjoy some extra time with your guests later on!

6) Ok so the first look may not be for you but consider a LETTER READING

This is not only a special addition to your film, it's also something

sentimantal that you can treasure for years to come. You may not be a poet or a wordsmith - you don't need to be! Your letter doesn't need to be 5 pages long, even just a few sentences in a card

when written from the heart will mean the world to your other half. Receiving a love note from your future bride or groom on the morning of your ceremony is a beautiful way to calm your nerves and give you a moment to reflect on the journey you are about to begin!

7) Consider having an UNPLUGGED CEREMONY

Think about asking your celebrant to make an announcement prior to the ceremony and politely ask your guests to refrain from taking photos or video during the ceremony. This not only makes our job easier and makes for a better film and photos but it will make a HUGE difference to you when you walk down the isle and see your loved ones smiling faces rather than the back of a dozen phones and iPads!


We LOVE it when our couples arrange to have their guests throw petals or confetti, blow bubbles or light sparklers - either after the ceremony as you're walking back

down the isle or during your reception entrance or first dance. This makes for some awesome slow motion shots to add to your film, it's also a fun way to get your guests involved!

Smoke candles are also a great addition to your photoshoot.

Coloured Smoke is an Australian based company and they have an amazing range of white and coloured smoke as well as bio-degradable confetti cannons! You can even use their smoke diffuser cans if you're getting married in summer or during fire ban season. Just be sure to check with your venue or ceremony location to make sure it's ok!


Although it seems obvious, many couples get caught up in worrying about the details and forget to enjoy themselves! Firstly, try and delegate as many jobs (no matter how small they seem) to your loved ones or bridal party, they're happy to help! And it means you can relax and enjoy your day.

Another tip is not to worry about the cameras. Ben & I love to capture real emotions and moments so you don't have to worry if you're posing the right way. Trust in us to do our thing so you can forget about the cameras and enjoy the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!

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