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  • Lauren Henderson

Should I have a wedding video?

In short.. definitely! I know what you're thinking... and ok maybe I'm a bit biased but hear me out!

Ask almost any bride (including myself) what they remember about their wedding day and you'll most likely get the same response, "It went by so fast, the day is one big blur."

But I'll have my photos, I don't need a video! This is like saying "I don't need a microwave because I have an oven" (I'm not sure who's who in this scenario haha).

Video is a completely different medium.

Beautiful photos are something truly special, snapshots of moments frozen in time. But a video is something else entirely. It is a living, moving memory. It captures how your dress moved as you walked, the tears welling up in your grooms eyes as he saw you walking down the isle, the sound of you saying "I do", you're grandfather getting down on the dance floor, the sound of laughter of your friends and family.

Think about it, it is most likely that all these people you love will never be in the same room together again. Ten years from now a video will mean the world to you. When you can sit around with your kids and show them just what your wedding was really like!

But I hear you saying "wedding videos are BORING, I'll only watch it once!" And 5 years ago I might have agreed with you. But wedding films have come a LONG way in recent times. While your Uncle Bob's iPad might be able to capture these moments, a good videographer will be able to film and craft your footage in a way that is beautiful, eye-catching, interesting and heartfelt and turn it into a cinematic style highlights that you and your family and friends will LOVE watching over and over. Here are some thoughts from a few couples:

"I have lost count at how many times I have watched our video it is so amazing..." Travis & Amy

"This is incredible and you guys captured our whole day perfectly. Can't wait to watch it again for the 100th time"

Taryn & Cory

So why do many people opt for photos only?

As with many things with weddings, it comes down to budget. Sadly, the photographer is usually one of the first vendors to be chosen and budgeted for and the videographer is an afterthought. A luxury to be indulged only if there's something left in the budget. And it may be cliche but after your wedding has been and gone, what are you left with? A ring, your dress, photos (and video?)

But why are videographers SO expensive? Well, like anything there are a range of price points and companies to suit all budgets. And although a few thousand dollars may seem like ALOT to pay someone for a days work, it really isn't. If you break down

the hours a good videographer will spend on you're film you're looking at anywhere from 8-10 hours on your wedding plus anywhere from 30-80 hours in editing time alone. That's not even mentioning costs of software, hard drives, camera, lighting and audio gear (and backups), insurance, travel as well as the time and planning that goes into preparing for a wedding shoot. Like anything, you really do get what you pay for and a few hundred dollars extra may make a huge difference in the quality of work.

So if you're on the fence about having a videographer, I highly recommend it! And if you're just starting to plan your wedding, try and allow for it in your budget. Because your wedding is one day you can't do-over.

Lauren xx

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